Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Starting out

This blog aims to track the development of a Mac OS X ipw2200 wireless driver (Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG). This miniPCI adapter has drivers for Linux (developed open source by Intel), *BSD, Solaris (through OpenSolaris), and of course Windows (but who cares about that? :P). The main challenges are:

* Determine how this card interacts with software (ie. what commands it takes, setting up packet flows, etc.)
* Design a Mac OS X driver for it, which means I need to figure out which IOKit family an AirPort card would fit in (this driver aims to simulate an actual AirPort so that users can seamlessly configure their networks)

Currently, I'm working on the first step and, in parallel, learning about AirPort IOKit families.

Now, let's look at what we know about this card. It requires that firmware be loaded onto it. What this firmware does, according to Intel, is that it makes sure that it does not exceed maximum RF device specifications in different parts of the globe. The firmware controls transmission strength, range and a couple of other things. The Linux driver readme provides more information. After the device has firmware loaded, it can be "talked to" just like any other hardware device. Again, the linux drivers are fairly comprehensive with (I think) mostly enough comments in the code.

As for the AirPort IOKit families, I'm still too early in the process to talk about it, but don't worry, I will talk about it once I mostly figure it out.

If you wish to help, please contact me at alex dot roman at gmail dot com.



Blogger Mankanwar Singh said...

hi there.. i am using intel based laptop.. recently i installed Mac OS X 10.4.6.. while i was trying to install my wireless network card (Intel Pro Wireless 2200) in my Mac, i came across your blog. Could you please guide me with how to install the same on my machine. I will be gratefull to you.


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