Monday, May 22, 2006

Mircowire EEPROM

Turns out that the IPW2200 has an EEPROM with a Microwire serial interface. This EEPROM stores basic information such as MAC address, hardware version, etc.

I'm currently working on that... I've hardlocked/rebooted my laptop SO many times! :) But it's all good hehe....

What I'm struggling with is reading from the EEPROM. A Microwire EEPROM will receive a read command which consists of the bits '110' followed by a 8-bit address, MSB first. In my code, I send the command, '110', but when I start a for loop to send the address my driver stops responding... weird! I'll have to debug that later on.

Meanwhile, I've gotten in touch with tuxx who developed the initial partially working driver, and he's agreed to help me out! :) I've also gotten a few people saying they want to help me out coding. I'm trying to se what needs to be done and how work could be delegated...



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