Tuesday, May 23, 2006

EEPROM reading and touching base with tuxx

It's done! :)

I've ironed out all the problems I could find. I was able to retrieve the MAC address of my card and it matches the back of my laptop! :)

The weirdest bug I had was with the following code:

UInt16 eeprom[127];
int i;

for (i=0; i<128; i++)
// do stuff

This thing would go all the way from 0 to 126 then loop back to 0. In conjection with the fact that at the time all the values I tried to read from the eeprom were returned as 0, this makes perfect sense! Because my array was 127 elements and I was trying to access the 128th element, I was actually setting the value of my counter i back to 0!

But, stuff like that aside, I've gotten in touch with tuxx. He made me admin of the iwi2200 sf.net project, so soon I should chcek in my work so far. That's all good now!

Next will be firmware and microcode loading. After that will come the hard part which is figuring out how to make packets flow around...

Also, I'm still trying to figure out which work can be delegated to other people who wanted to help.



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